Business and technical development for the marine, hydrographic and geospatial engineering industries
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Recent projects

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Swan Consultants works across a number of specialist fields. However, if you have a project not listed in our specialities but think we might still be interested then don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Business startup

    Swan Consultants was retained in an executive position to support a ‘new technology’ start-up firm.

  • Construction industry guide

    Appointed by a construction industry advisory body, Swan Consultants produced a new edition of an acclaimed industry guidance booklet.

  • Dispute resolution

    Swan Consultants was engaged by a leading Oil & Gas consultancy to determine the factors contributing to a multi-million dollar construction claim.

  • Expert witness and opinion

    Engaged by a leading Scottish law firm, Swan Consultants provided independent expert opinion in a dispute between two survey companies.

  • Geodetic advice

    We were commissioned to analyse and give opinion in a dispute over the geodetic issues surrounding a rig move.
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  • Geotechnical information guide

    Swan Consultants was commissioned to research and compile information on the latest techniques and procedures for marine geotechnical engineering and site investigation.

  • Strategic business development

    Swan Consultants provided the vision and strategic focus enabling a leading marine firm to expand its range of services and geographical spread.

  • Strategic business development 2

    Swan Consultants was commissioned to produce an authoritative industry study in support of a UK government Trading Fund Agency strategy for developing a diversified range of public interest products.


Swan Consulants has worked with some of the best marine, hydrographic and charting companies in the world.